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When a book might help

There are many challenging situations faced by children and young people and often reading about how someone else coped can help. Below are a selection of books covering issues such as a new sibling or bereavement. Simply click on the cover to go straight through to the library catalogue to check availability. 

A new sibling


Za-za's Baby Brother
By Lucy Cousins

This is a bright and irresistible picture book about the effect a new baby has on family life. It reveals the impact the baby has on the family through the eyes of an older sibling.



Other books covering the issues surrounding a new sibling include.....

newbrotherorsister sister brother maxandbaby

Starting School


I am too absolutely small for school: featuring Charlie and Lola
by Lauren Child

Although Lola agrees with her brother that it would be useful to learn how to write, read and count, she can't go to school because her invisible friend's too nervous to go. This title in the 'Charlie and Lola' series deals sympathetically with children's fears surrounding the first day at school


Other books covering the issues surrounding starting school include.....

Bunnyschool Boris Hugless Douglas FirstDay



Brodie by Joe Cowley

Brodie is always making people laugh. He wiggles his ears and yodels like a country singer and tells far-out jokes. He's a brilliant artist, too: he draws loads of planes and helicopters, because he wants to be a chopper pilot. Everyone at school knows that Brodie is ill, and when he's in hospital they all send him cards. But they never think he'll die. When he does, it's a shock and it hurts - and the hurt doesn't go away. It does get smaller, though, and while his friends don't stop missing him they know it means that Brodie is still alive in their hearts

 Other books covering the issues surrounding bereavement include.....

MissingMummy GoodbyeGrandma PetDeath CopperTree




Hudson Hates School by Ella Hudson

Hudson is good at a lot of things, but spelling isn't one of them. But one day at school he learns something that helps him understand why he is special



Other books covering the issues surrounding dyslexia include.....

Dyslexia Knotted Samswords Knowsomeone

Divorce and Separation


Daddy's Getting Married by Jennifer Moore-Mallinos

Daddy's getting married encourages boys and girls to understand that a parent who remarries will continue to love them and look after them



Other books covering the issues surrounding divorce include.....


Divorce2 FamilyChange TomSun Divorce

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