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Costed 5-year Business Plan

The Five Year Business Plan 2013/14 -2017/18, Workforce Plan, 2013-14 Budget and 2012/13 Annual Report

The priority based budget was approved at the council budget meeting this afternoon (14 February 2013).

Budget Statement

You can read the council leader's budget speech by following this link here: Budget Speech 2013-14

For the first time, this year's annual budget was accompanied by a suite of documents: The Five Year Business Plan 2013/14 – 2017/18, a five year Workforce Plan and the 2012/13 Annual Report. All documents meet and complement each other and present a complete approach to council activity encompassing everything we currently do and will work towards in the future.

You can read about the documents and download copies from the links below.

Priority based budget

As a result of the council's financial planning no new savings have been required to achieve a balanced the budget for 2013/14.

A balanced budget is critical for the delivery of priority services. Achieving the balanced budget for 2013-14 is based on delivering all elements and targets presented previously in the Five Year Business Plan. No new savings targets have been added for 2013-14.

Careful financial planning means Aberdeen City Council is now in a strong financial situation and one that may be unique across local authorities in Scotland. However, the global economic situation and external financial pressures means we will have to continue to carefully manage our finances in the future and maintain service delivery in the most efficient way possible. We are not alone in this – the entire UK public sector is facing similar challenges.

Council Leaders, the Chief Executive and the Corporate Management team recognise the strength of our financial situation has been achieved through the hard work and commitment of all officers and acknowledge this dedication.

You can read the priority-based budget here: Priority-based Budget 2013-14

2013/14 – 2017/8 Five Year Workforce Plan

For the first time a corporate workforce plan has been created.  This important document identifies the skills, expertise and experience the council will need in the future and aligns these requirements alongside the five year business plan overall budget strategy.

Our staff are our greatest asset and to have this document embedded into our planning process shows another major achievement for this Council.

You can read the workforce plan here: Workforce Plan 2013-14

The Five Year Business Plan

The Five Year Business Plan sets out the future strategic, operational and financial challenges for the council.  The benefits of longer term financial planning means we are able to anticipate and plan for external pressures on service delivery such as increasing demand for services by a growing older population.

You can read our five year business plan here: Business Plan 2013-14

2012/13 Annual Report

The council's annual report presents our achievements, improvements and areas for development over the last 12 months. This report presents case studies that align to the six priorities for the council as part of their vision for the city: Aberdeen – The Smarter City. Examples are:

  • Smarter Living – we are encouraging older people to take up physical activity;
  • Smarter People – encouraging excellence through science in schools;
  • Smarter Environment – building state of the art new homes;
  • Smarter Economy – working towards ensuring the economic future of the city;
  • Smarter Mobility – we are taking forward superfast broadband;
  • Smarter Governance – we are encouraging and supporting equality.

You can read the Annual Report here: Annual Report 2013

The stable financial position achieved by Aberdeen City Council is based on the need to deliver the savings that have already been approved in the previous years' of the business plan. The delivery of these savings is of vital importance as Aberdeen City Council along with the rest of the UK public sector will continue to face significant challenges over the next five years and beyond.

To ensure we maintain financial stability we will continue to implement all elements of the five year business plan including:

  • achieving all financial targets previously presented in the business plan;
  • using priority-based budgeting so our service delivery is priority led;
  • continuing to engage with staff, the public, businesses, local communities, the voluntary sector and partners on all aspects of service delivery;
  • seeking more ways to work with the community;
  • continuing to work with the Scottish Government and COSLA to achieve funding which reflects the contribution the city makes to the Scottish and UK economy.

How this fits into the wider context of 'everything we do'.

The Five Years Business Plan is the basis of all our activity, the services we deliver and how we will realise our vision for the city.

Our vision for Aberdeen is of an ambitious, achieving, smart city which:

  • Develops an economy based on knowledge and innovation;
  • Encourages more efficient use of greener resources which generates a competitive economy;
  • Uses technology and data to enabled informed decisions to be taken;
  • Enables citizens to interact in a city where there is a sense of place; and
  • Encourages a form of governance which engages its citizens.

Tell us what you think?

If you click on the link 'Your Views' to the right of this page there are three questions that ask you to identify what you think are priorities for the city, what you would like us to spend more on and what services you would like to see us spending less on.

We began this exercise at the start of our five year business planning and as several years have now passed we are asking the same questions once again to make sure the priorities we work with in the future reflect yours.


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