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Information for Submitting a Public Event

Fireworks Riverside Drive Whether you're an organisation or a member of the public, you may want to submit an event for publication on our What's On In Aberdeen events calendar. The event should be of public interest and held in or around Aberdeen City.  

How to submit your event using the Online Form

We now have a new online form for submitting your event. All you have to do is fill out the necessary fields and submit it to us.

Please see the insructions below on how to successfully sumbit your event.  Please note that the mandatory items must be supplied, otherwise it will not be published on the site.

Event Title

  • (Mandatory)  A maximum character length of 250.

Event Summary

  • (Mandatory) A maximum character length of 250.

Event Description

  • (Mandatory) Full description of the event, with a maximum of 5000 characters.

Open Days

  • Aberdeen's International Street Market Which days the event runs on, for example Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Start Date

  • (Mandatory) Date the event starts.

End Date

  • (Mandatory) Date the event ends.

Time Details

  • Give details of what time the event starts and ends.

Ticket Details

  • State whether it is a free event or not and, if required, where to get tickets from.

Event Venue

  • (Mandatory) State where the event is being held. Please include the address if you can. The event must be held within Aberdeen City and be of public interest.

Event URL

  • If the event has it's own web page, please supply the address - including http://

Event Keywords

  • Provide a maximum of 5 keywords to help with the search engine. These must be separated by a comma and a space eg. charity, sale, community


HMT at Night Please note: images must be resized before you upload them to the system. If not, it will not let you proceed.

  • If you have an image related to the event, it must be in JPEG format. Or, if it is on a website, paste the link to the picture in the field (this can be done by right-clicking on an image and selecting 'Properties')
  • Image Description: Some of the users of this website have varying degrees of disabilities. Some people may use screen readers to read out text and images on web pages. Please give the image a meaningful description to help this.
  • Image Width: Maximum 180 up to 240 pixels.
  • Image Height: Maximum 180 up to 360 pixels.


  • You can assign a maximum of two categories from the dropdown lists.

Your Details

  • Your personal details will not be published, but we may use it for the verification of the event content.