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Fairtrade City

About Fairtrade in Aberdeen

Aberdeen celebrated 10 years as a Fairtrade City in March 2014 and was the first city in Scotland to achieve Fairtrade status in 2004. The award is made by the Fairtrade Foundation and to maintain this status a renewal process must be completed every 2 years.  In December 2016 the Fairtrade Foundation renewed Aberdeen's Fairtrade City status for a further two years.

The award is made to the "People of Aberdeen" and recognises the support from city business, schools, organisations and individuals has been crucial in achieving and maintaining Aberdeen's Fairtrade City status.

The FAIRTRADE Mark is a registered certification label for products sourced from producers in developing countries. Fairtrade is a strategy for poverty alleviation and sustainable development. Its purpose is to create opportunities for producers and workers who have been economically disadvantaged or marginalised by the conventional trading system.

The Aberdeen Fairtrade Steering Group was established in 2011, replacing the previous Fairtrade Working Group. The aim of this change was to establish a more informal group with wider city representation to reflect the increasing number of city businesses, organisations, schools and educational establishments, faith groups in the city working to promote and use Fairtrade.

This wider representation allows Aberdeen to use a 2 year Action Plan approach to renewal of Fairtrade accreditation and  successful renewal of this status has been approved by the Fairtrade Foundation, recognising continued momentum, support and commitment to Fairtrade in Aberdeen.  City status was again successfully renewed in 2016.

The next renewal date will be 2018 when Aberdeen will be required to update on achievements, and set new targets for taking the campaign forward.

*Details of local events celebrating Fairtrade Fortnight 2017 can be found here:

Achieving Fairtrade Status

To achieve Fairtrade status a city must continue to take action on the five Fairtrade Town goals set by the Fairtrade Foundation.  These are:

  • Goal 1 - Local council passes a resolution supporting Fairtrade.
  • Goal 2 - A range of Fairtrade products are readily available in the area's shops and served in local cafés/catering establishments.
  • Goal 3 - Fairtrade products are used by an appropriate number of local work places (offices, shops, B&Bs etc.) and community organisations (faith communities, schools, universities etc).
  • Goal 4 - Attract media coverage and popular support for the campaign.
  • Goal 5 - A local Steering Group is convened to ensure progress and continued commitment to the campaign.

Aberdeen Fairtrade Pledge Scheme

Fairtrade Pledge Scheme has been launched in Aberdeen enabling city business, organisations and schools to receive a certificate when they make a pledge to support Fairtrade.  See who has made the pledge here:  Aberdeen Fairtrade Pledge Signatories

Aberdeen Fairtrade Flagship Employer

Each year the Aberdeen Fairtrade Steering Group will work with a Fairtrade Flagship Employer.  NorthLink Ferries are the current Aberdeen Fairtrade Flagship Employer.

Fairtrade Schools

The Fairtrade Schools Award is a campaign that gives primary and secondary school students the opportunity to develop their knowledge and understanding of global issues and the solution that Fairtrade is for so many farmers and workers in marginalised conditions across the globe.There are three stages to the award, FairAware, FairActive and FairAchiever. The following city schools have achieved Fairtrade school accreditation from the Fairtrade Foundation: 

Fair Achiever - (formerly Fairtrade School)

  • Aberdeen Grammar School
  • Torry Academy
  • Airyhall Primary School
  • Cults Academy
  • Manor Park School
  • Dyce Academy

Fair Active

  • Glashieburn School
  • Albyn School

Fair Aware

  • St Joseph's RC Primary School
  • Ashley Road Primary School

Fair Trade studies and activities link in well with the Curriculum for Excellence in themes such as enterprise, citizenship, sustainable development and international education.  In total 32 schools are registered with the Fairtrade Schools programme.

  Alexa Chan Glashieburn Primary School Leah Rae Skene Square Primary Rochelle Lee Broomhil Primary School Jay Ridgeway Kirkhill Primary School

Over 500 entries were submitted to an Aberdeen School Fairtrade Competition which was held at the start of 2014. The 4 winning school entries were from: 

  • Skene Square Primary School
  • Glashieburn Primary School
  • Broomhill Primary School
  • Kirkhill Primary School

More entries can be viewed through the Aberdeen Fairtrade Facebook page link below.

Where can I find Fairtrade products in Aberdeen?

There are around 4,500 products with the Fairtrade Mark. Find out more about the shops, cafes, work[places, wholesalers and faith groups that stock and or use Fairtrade products in Aberdeen -  Fairtrade stockists in Aberdeen

Celebrating Fairtrade Fortnight

Each year Fairtrade Fortnight is celebrated across the country for two weeks in February and March.  In 2016 the Aberdeen Fairtrade Steering Group organised Ferry to a Fairtrade Future which was well supported by 70 representatives from local organisations.  You can find out more here:  FerrytoaFairtradeFutureInfoPack


How can I find out more about Fairtrade in Aberdeen?

To find out more about the Aberdeen Fairtrade City status, the Aberdeen Fairtrade Steering Group or actions and activities to promote Fairtade in Aberdeen contact or telephone 03000 200292.

 You can find out more from the  Aberdeen Fairtrade Facebook page.

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