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Aberdeen's Parks and Green Spaces

Johnston_Gardens Aberdeen has six city parks, seven local parks, 32 neighbourhood parks and many more green spaces around the city. Details of bus routes to some city parks are available from First Aberdeen bus company.

City Parks

These are defined as "large parks with a number of different facilities, capable of attracting large numbers of residents and visitors from a wide catchment area… Due to the scale of city parks and the facilities provided… there is potential for visitors to spend several hours or a full day in the park, and they will be of regional importance for leisure use." (Aberdeen City Council Parks Hierarchy document, 1998). These are:

Local Parks

These are defined as parks that "generally serve a smaller catchment area than city parks… have fewer facilities and/or be of a smaller size than a city park, but can contain specific attractions. Most visitors will be from the immediate locality but some will travel further to use specialist facilities, e.g. sports centres or horticultural features in season." (Aberdeen City Council Parks Hierarchy document, 1998). These are: Rubislaw_Queens_Terrace

Aberdeen's Open Space Audit

Over a quarter of the land in Aberdeen consists of open space, including parks, gardens, playing fields, woodland, river corridors, play areas, allotments and civic space. 'Open Spaces' are the open, usually green areas within and on the edges of settlements.

Aberdeen City Council is undertaking an audit of open spaces, looking at the amount of each type of open space as well as their quality, and how accessible they are to the communities around them. For more details, please see the Aberdeen’s Open Space Strategy and Audit page.

Management Rules

Rules for the use of City Parks are given at:

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