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2014 European Parliamentary Elections

Statement of Local Totals

I, Valerie Watts, Local Returning Officer appointed for the Aberdeen City Council counting area at the European Parliamentary Elections in the Electoral Region of Scotland, held on 22 May 2014, hereby certify and declare:

1) The total number of valid votes given to each registered party in the Aberdeen City Council area is as follows:

 Party  Number of Votes
 Britain First  501
 British National Party (BNP)  375
 Conservative Party  9824
 Labour Party  12420
 Liberal Democrats  4605
 NO2EU  248
 Scottish Green Party  3723
 Scottish National Party (SNP)  15412
 UK Independence Party (UKIP)  5025

2) The number of ballot papers rejected is as follows:

 a) Want of an official mark  0
 b) Voting for more than one registered party  34
 c) Writing or mark by which voter could be identified  1
 d) Unmarked or void for uncertainty  26
 The total number of rejected ballot papers was (a+b+c+d)  61


 Electorate  164177
 Total Votes Cast  52194
 Turnout  31.8%

Valerie Watts, Local Returning Officer: May 2014

The counting of votes in the Aberdeen City Council area took place at The Beach Ballroom on Sunday 25th May, with the result declared by the Local Returning Officer, Valerie Watts.

You can also view and/or download a copy of the 'Statement of Local Totals' here: Statement of Local Totals

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European Parliamentary Election Timetable

The timetable for the European Parliamentary Election has now been published and you can view it here.

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