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Aberdeen Women's Alliance

Aberdeen Women's Alliance logo Aberdeen Women's Alliance (AWA) is the consultative forum for women who live or work in the city, established to ensure two way dialogue between the Council and the women in the city.

Women – individuals and members of women's and community groups are invited to become members. We welcome men who support the principles of the Aberdeen Women's Alliance.

Glasgow Women's Library Inspired workshops with Aberdeen Women's Alliance 2015.

All workshops are led by Morag Smith, Glasgow Women's Library. Workshops are free but places are limited and need to be booked. Places can be booked by telephoning Norma on 07779193121.

Wednesday 7thJanuary, 5.30pm – 8pm, Old Committee Room, Central Library, Rosemount Viaduct, Aberdeen. Enter by Adult Lending or telephone 652500 for assistance. Celebrating local women:Introductory session on the women of Scotland website.

Who are the women who helped to build Scotland? How are they remembered? What about women in Aberdeen? At these informal hands on sessions we will be looking at memorials to women in Scotland and in Aberdeen. This website, developed in partnership by Women's History Scotland and Glasgow Women's Library, has now logged the stories of over 400 memorials to women. Find out about some of the women already featured on the website and get started on logging any memorials you know of in your own local area.

Wednesday 14thJanuary, 5.30pm – 8pm, Town House Restaurant, Aberdeen City Council, Broad Street.

Introductory Oral History Training

Find out more about recording and preserving precious stories and memories of friends, family and other local people. This is a fun informal introduction to oral history – what it is, why it's important and how to do it. We will cover interviewing techniques, the dos and don'ts of oral history practice and there will be a chance to practice using oral history recording equipment.

Wednesday 4thFebruary, 5.30pm – 8pm, Town House Restaurant,Aberdeen City Council,Broad Street.

Herstory scrapbooking

Celebrate your own story or the story of another woman by creating a scrapbook page. Use a fabulous range of creative paper, gems and embellishments to capture the story of special moments and people. Follow our examples or create your own designs, adding your own images and stories. No arts or crafts experience is necessary. In this session you will learn scrapbooking techniques and create two scrapbook pages about your own life or celebrating the life of another woman.


Wednesday 18thFebruary, 5.30pm – 8pm, Town House Restaurant, Aberdeen City Council,Broad Street.

Women's History Bring and Tell

This workshop combines the power of oral histories with significance of personal objects that highlights women's lives, histories and achievements. Focussing on the importance of all women's memories and their collections, however modest, whether a photograph, an artefact or memorabilia relating to their own lives or the lives of other women, we help participants to unravel and record the unique stories behind objects and images. Participants can tell us their story or the story of an important woman in their life and record it for Glasgow Women's Library archives. They can bring along any object related to the woman – clothes, quilts, recipe books, photographs, letters, songs, toys or gifts. These testimonies can be recorded in a variety of ways by the facilitators. Groups are given copies of their recordings and can be shown how to deposit (and access their testimonies) in the collection of GWL if appropriate. They can also listen to some stories from our oral history archive.


Wednesday 11thMarch, 5.30pm – 8pm, Town House Restaurant, Aberdeen City Council, Broad Street.

Read, Write and Grow
This Workshop will introduce a range of ideas of ways that creative texts can be used by individuals and groups to aid confidence, build self esteem and help sustain personal and, or team growth. The concept and models of 'bibliotherapy' and writing and reading for mental health and wellbeing will be explored in a user-friendly and jargon-free way and there will be a chance to experience some of the benefits of reading and writing for personal and team growth in a safe and welcoming workshop format. The workshop can also focus on listening to and discussion of a piece of text chosen by women's library staff and/or a small writing exercise around a chosen theme. (Where appropriate, all craft materials are supplied.)


Wednesday 25thMarch,5.30pm – 8pm, Town House Restaurant,Aberdeen City Council,Broad Street.

Inspired Consultation: Equality and Diversity
This consultation session is designed for groups who want to ensure their groups, resources, provision and learning programmes are attracting diverse groups of people. Who is accessing your courses and who isn't and why? How can you ensure your provision is more and more welcoming to all members of your community and how everyone can benefit from a 'widened access' approach to service delivery and learning programming. Facing the fear of 'Equalities mainstreaming' in organisations.


Who will benefit from this workshops?
Managers, development workers, and colleagues across the public and voluntary and cultural sectors who work with audiences, learners and service users.

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