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Women in Work

Despite 30 years of gender equality legislation, a significant pay gap still exists between men and women. For women in full time jobs the gender pay gap in Scotland is 14% and the part time gender pay gap is 33%. Women still form 80% of administrative, 80% of personal services and 70% of sales and customer service occupations while men make up 60% of managers, senior officials, more than 80% of skilled trades people and 85% plant and machine operators.

The pay differential in the North East of Scotland is largely due to the male dominated oil and oil related industries, but is also because of the concentration of women with low paid jobs, many in growth of the service industry sector.

Women experience discrimination in the form of:

  • unequal pay rates
  • unequal access to overtime, bonuses and fringe benefits
  • occupational segregation
  • undervaluing of jobs primarily done by women
  • stereotypical attitudes around what is perceived as women's work and men's work.

Caring and domestic responsibilities have remained largely the responsibility of women. This can place women at a serious disadvantage when entering and moving within the labour market. Lack of accessible and affordable childcare facilities often restrict choices for women.

The report by the Women & Work Commission in 2006, 'Shaping a Fairer Future', recognises the problems created by occupational segregation and includes extensive recommendations on how to encourage women to take up careers in non-traditional jobs.

The Council is developing a series of actions to address issues of gender inequality as part of its Gender Equality Scheme Action Plan.

Aberdeen Women's Alliance has a key role to play in monitoring the actions around employment/pay issues which are included in the Gender Equality Scheme.


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