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Our Priorities

Smarter Living


By prioritising 'Smarter Living' we are challenging inequality and working to positively promote health and wellbeing. We will continue to encourage participation in cultural and physical activities.






 Our Smarter Living priorities

Residents have a dry, warm home in a safe and enjoyable environment
All our citizens have enhanced physical and emotional wellbeing
Safer transportation
Aberdeen is a fair and equal city

Smarter People

People walking down street

Our focus on education includes attainment in schools as well as lifelong learning for all people across our communities. We will continue to nurture a city of learning, with a city-wide workforce which can grow and diversify the city's economy.





 Our Smarter People priorities

Our children and young people achieve their full potential
Our citizens are empowered to develop knowledge, skills and attributes

Smarter Environment

Recycling vehicle

This priority is about environmental sustainability. Our aim is to maximise the use of low-carbon technology in our infrastructure and housing, to manage our waste and promote our streetscape and green space.





Our Smarter Environment priorities

The city has reduced its carbon footprint 

The city maximises recycling of waste and minimizes waste sent to landfill
The city has a clean, safe and attractive streetscape
The city has accessible, well used green space in our streets, parks and countryside

Smarter Economy

Council meeting

The importance of sustaining a competitive economy is a major priority for us.  We have a clear plan to encourage people to invest in, live in, work in and export from, Aberdeen.





Our Smarter Economy priorities

The city is recognised as a good place to invest, live, work and export from           
Citizens have access to affordable housing

Smarter Governance

Ballot box

This priority is about acknowledging the role that our citizens can play in the evolution of the city, its growth, development and status both nationally and internationally.





Our Smarter Governance priority

Citizens feel they can influence their communities through engagement in the development, design and decision making of services

Smarter Mobility


This priority is about promoting sustainable transport links to and from the city as well as maximising digital connectivity for the benefit of all our citizens. All of this will help businesses grow and develop the economy of our city.





 Our Smarter Mobility priorities

The city has effective transportation links from the city to the UK and the rest of the world
The city is digitally connected

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