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Public Performance Case Studies

Public Performance Case Studies We have a statutory duty to report a wide range of performance information to the public. This information is designed to provide context around the statistics to be found elsewhere in Aberdeen Performs. Often, we draw on the results of our annual benchmarking activities as a starting point, especially where we have compared our performance with other councils and identified areas where we need to improve. Sometimes, feedback from our customers shows us where people are dissatisfied with some aspect of one of our services or where there is a desire for a different approach to providing a service. In these cases, we aim to demonstrate how we have developed improvements or changes in order to help us to continue to meet people’s expectations. The case studies available to view below show some examples of this work:-

Case Studies 2013-14

Council Tax (download pdf, file size 106 kb)

Housing Arrears (download pdf, file size 82.9 kb)

Library & Information Services (download pdf, file size 80.0 kb)

Case Studies 2014-15

Case studies to be displayed in due course.