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Sponsorship of Roundabouts


We currently offer roundabout sponsorship. This allows local and national businesses to demonstrate their commitment to supporting the local community whilst providing a cost effective way to raise your company's profile and promote your business.

We offer roundabout sponsorship on a one year or two year contract and the cost is based on the location and traffic flow.  We currently have 55 roundabouts throughout the city.



What are the benefits?

  • Your advert will be there 24/7, 365 days of the year
  • One type of business per roundabout to ensure you are not next to your main competitor
  • Sponsorship of a roundabout means you have a unique opportunity to engage with people while they're on the move
  • Drive people to your website or location
  • Outdoor advertising has been around for a long time, meaning that you will be using tried and tested methods of communication with your customers
  • Show your commitment to improving the local community
  • Stand out from your competitors

Roundabout Sites currently available

Site 2 - Beach Esplanade (Beach Ballroom) 
Site 5b - Great Southern Road/George VI Bridge North
Site 6 - Wellington Road/Souterhead
Site 9 - Parkway East/AECC 
Site 10 - St Machar Drive/Great Northern Road 
Site 12 Westburn Drive/Cairncry Road/Hilton Street
Site 15C - Queens Road/Hazlehead (King's Gate)
Site 16A - A944/Lang Stracht
Site 18 - Riverview Drive/Victoria Street South
Site 19 - A90 Stonehaven Road/Bridge of Dee (South)
Site 20 - A90 South Anderson Drive/Bridge of Dee (North)
Site 28 - A90 Muggiemoss Road/Persley Bridge
Site 29 A90 Parkway/Laurel Drive
Site 33 - Berryden Road/Elm Place
Site 37 - Riverview Drive/Victoria Street (North)
Site 42 - Farburn Terrace @ Wellheads Drive
Site 44 - West Tullos Road/Abbotswell Road
Site 45 - Souterhead Road/Crawpeel Road
Site 46 - Hareness Road/Crawpeel Road
Site 47 - Foresterhill Road/Cornhill Drive
Site 48 - Links Road/Wellington Street
Site 50 - Cairngorm Road/Faulds Gate
Site 52 - Hareness Road/Minto Road
Site 53 - Inverurie Road/Bankhead Avenue

Please contact us direct to discuss costs/budgets for this sites listed above.
These prices include production and installation of sponsor's panels.
These prices are exclusive of vat.

If you would like more information please contact:

Brenda Smith
Advertising and Administration Officer
Phone 01224 522699