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Aberdeen Heritage Trails

View from Brimmond





A series of walking trails and guides around the City of Aberdeen

The trails and guides explore Aberdeen's cultural and natural heritage, improve access to the countryside, the urban area and promote walking for health.

Work includes the production of guide booklets, path repairs, information panels and promotional events. A key aspect is working with tourism partners to promote the City's Heritage Trails as an attraction and to complement tourism partners own promotions.

The landscape, natural and cultural heritage of Scotland attracts visitors from all over the world. More people come to Scotland to walk, ride and cycle than to play golf or ski.

Aberdeen has a high concentration of heritage features, providing an opportunity to develop walking trails and associated businesses.

The City's Heritage Trails and Guides deliver a range of social and environmental benefits. Local interest groups are involved in developing, publicising the trails, encouraging greater use of leisure and recreational facilities. This project improves the City's image, helping to build a sense of place through cultural investment in the City.


  • Jenny Brown
    Assistant Keeper (Research)
    Aberdeen City Council
    Maritime Museum
    AB11 5BY
    Phone: 01224 337719