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The Reading Bus A Journey to Excellence

The Reading Bus logo Background

The Reading Bus is the focal point of a three-year pilot project to promote literacy, initially in the St Machar area of Aberdeen. Since the launch ceremony on the 31st August 2006, over 24,000 learners and a wide variety of visiting contributors have been on board this revolutionary vehicle.

The Reading Bus Team works in partnership with 14 different schools in developing innovative and successful programmes, as well as making regular visits to the Royal Aberdeen Children's Hospital, supermarket car parks, community centres and local parks and libraries in the community. The team, including cross-agency partners, has devised a comprehensive series of cross-curricular learning experiences that have challenged, engaged and motivated young people both in school and in the wider community.

The Future

A recent evaluation by the University of Aberdeen highlights the significant impact on pupils, teachers and parents in relation to achieving the aims set out by the project.

The outcomes from the research relate directly to the Curriculum for Excellence and make a significant contribution to informing the development and roll out of the learning strategy.

There is significant interest in The Reading Bus at a local, national and international level. There is increasing demand for information, seminars, CPD and The Reading Bus has been proactive at meeting these demands locally and nationally.

The Reading Bus is now in a strong position to sustain the valued work developed over the three year pilot project as well as rolling out the programme across the City.

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