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Home Energy Savings

Woman making coffee Why Save Energy?

By saving energy you will be saving yourself money on your fuel bills, and at the same time helping to conserve our environment.

The cost of supplying energy into the home has generally been rising over the past 5 10 years and this is expected to continue, particularly if we keep consuming fossil fuels - coal, gas, oil and petrol - at the rate we currently do.

Fossil fuels are a natural, but finite commodity and supplies are diminishing. We use fossil fuels to heat our homes, supply hot water and produce electricity, therefore reducing our home energy use is one way in conserving supplies of these precious resources.

25% of the UK's carbon dioxide is generated from energy used in the home. Carbon dioxide is the main greenhouse gas responsible for global warming. Burning fossil fuels - either directly or to generate electricity - releases carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.

Every time we turn on our heating, switch on our lights, heat water, cook, or use any gas or electrical appliances in our homes, we may be damaging our planet by adding to the threat of global warming.

  1. Under the Home Energy Conservation ACT (1995) - known as HECA - all Councils in Scotland were made Energy Conservation Authorities. The Act required each Authority to prepare a strategy in 1997 setting out measures that would lead to significant improvements in energy efficiency in residential accommodation across all sectors of the housing stock in their area. Each Authority had also to set a local target for reducing energy consumption in the residential sector over a 10 year period from 1997. Aberdeen City Council exceeded the target set,  reducing the amount of domestic energy consumption in the City by 31% by 2007. This target was achieved. This act has now been abandoned by Scottish Government and in its place Local Authorities will need to include targets for energy efficiency, carbon mitigation, and fuel poverty, within their 2012-17 Local Housing Strategy. These targets help toward meeting the aims of the Scottish Government in these respective areas.
  2. Visit our page for more information on How Can You Save Energy in Your Home. You can also see how much heat your home is losing by viewing our Thermal Image. There may be grants available to help with the cost of works: please visit the Energy Efficiency Offers and Discounts page.
  3. If you are a Council tenant and want to know what energy saving measures are being carried out in the Council owned stock, visit: Energy Efficiency - Council Tenants.
  4. If you are a Housing Association or Co-op tenant and want to know what the Council is doing to improve the energy savings in that stock, visit . 
  5. It is widely recognised that there is a link between 'cold' housing and health problems. People living in homes which are difficult, or too expensive, to heat are at an increased risk of ill health. The Council has adopted a policy aim of achieving "affordable warmth" for all householders in the City. By "affordable warmth" we mean that no-one should have to spend more than 10% of their income, after housing costs, to keep adequately warm in their home. To this end we actively promote Aberdeen Affordable Warmth Scheme.
  6. The Victorian Tenement Project is an energy efficiency scheme for owner-occupiers, tenants of private landlords, private landlords and local authority tenants.
  7. If you want further information visit our page on Home Energy Advice
  8. For the latest HECA news go to: Keep Warm Keep Well.



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