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Thermal Image

Aberdeen City Council contracted a company, Infoterra, to undertake a fly-over of the City to take a thermal image. The fly-over and thermal data collection was done over two nights, 31/3 &1/4/2001. The resultant image allows us to identify the least thermally efficient areas, or house types, within the City and so target home energy efficiency promotions to those areas.

The analysed data shown on the image gives the indicative mean heat loss from each building in the City on a colour range from dark red (high heat loss) to dark blue (minimal heat loss). It should be stressed, however, that the image provides only an indication of heat loss. There could be other reasons for, say, a property apparently losing no heat, eg it could be there was no heating on at the time the image was taken. What the image provides is a snapshot of possible heat loss at the specific time of the flight. It should be used as a basis for further enquiry.

Should you want more information about home energy efficiency, please see the Home Energy Savings home page. In addition, the Council's Home Energy Team can arrange a free energy survey of your home.

Click on the Image Map below to view the thermal data for that area, or use the address finder to see thermal data for a particular building or street.

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