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About your rent

Woman texting Paying your rent

Aberdeen City Council offers a wide range of rent payment services in addition to the traditional cash and cheque payments:

  • Aberdeen City Council website pay securely using the Online Payment Facility. Payment can be made by either debit card or credit card.
  • Direct Debit a monthly amount collected from your bank account on either the first, second or third Monday of each month. No need to queue to make payments.
  • Automated Telephone Payment telephone 03000 200 292 and follow the step by step instructions. You will need a copy of your payment reference number and any credit/debit card details. Follow the instructions and press option 2 for House Rent. Please note - a touch tone telephone is required to use this service
  • In person at Woodside Access Point, Kincorth Customer Access Point and Mastrick Access Point.
  • Standing Order a weekly or monthly amount paid from your bank account on a date suitable to your finances but within each rental period.
  • Post Office Payment Card payment can be made by using the bar code on your rent card at any Post Office or outlet displaying the Paypoint logo. There are over 100 locations in Aberdeen City.

Rent Increase Consultation

I wish to thank all our tenants who have taken part in the consultation process so far. This is now the last phase, where we will ask your views on the proposed rent increase for 2017/18 based on the Rent Setting Policy approved by committee on the 1st November 2016.
Please download and complete the consultation document below:

How much rent you should pay

Your tenancy agreement tells you the exact amount of rent and any other charges that you should pay.

If there is any increase in your rent, we will tell you by sending you a rent increase letter (which we issue each February).

View your rent account online

Please see the Housing Online Log-in Guide and the Rent Online Guide for more information on how to register and how to use this facility.

Problems paying your rent

If you are experiencing financial problems you should contact your local area housing office immediately. You will be dealt with in the strictest confidence, by our friendly and helpful staff.

Where possible a mutually acceptable payment agreement to repay any balance will be discussed and arranged. Our staff can also provide benefits advice, including eligibility for Housing Benefit and access to welfare benefits such as Income Support and Incapacity Benefit.

There are a number of other Council services and agencies which can also help you. These services and agencies will listen to your difficulties and if necessary liaise directly with the Council on your behalf to attempt to reach a solution. There is no charge for providing this service. The Council is happy to deal with these agencies.

Can I get help paying my Rent?

If you have a low income and/or receive certain benefits you may qualify for Housing Benefit. This is a scheme to help people who cannot afford to pay all, or a proportion of, their rent. It is open to anyone to apply whether they are older, disabled or in work with a low income.

Benefit is worked out by comparing your income and your family circumstances with your rent, and if you qualify for help, your rent is reduced. If you have savings you could still qualify for benefit.

Application forms are available from Council offices. Do not delay as Housing Benefit cannot normally be backdated. Further advice and assistance is available from the  page.

Other Welfare Benefits

Details about other benefits such as Family Credit or Disability Benefit are also available from the  page and also the Department for Work and Pensions or advice agencies. These offices can also give free advice about a wide range of money matters and budgeting.

Local Contacts

Managing your rent. You can talk to a Housing Officer via the Council's Customer Access Points:

. You can talk to Benefits Advice at:

Other Useful Contacts

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  • Rent Accounts
    Business Hub 11
    Level 2 West
    Marischal College
    Broad Street
    AB10 1AB
    Phone: 03000 200 292

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