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Tenant Participation

What is Tenant and Resident Participation?

Tenant Participation is about tenants having real opportunities to contribute to and influence all decisions relating to their homes and living conditions.

Participation in Aberdeen City Council

Aberdeen City Council employs a Development Officer - Tenant and Resident Participation who is responsible for developing, promoting and supporting Tenant and Resident Participation within the city.

Your Development Officer will:

  • Provide information and training for you to get more involved
  • Provide different methods for you to get involved in a way that suits
  • Support and develop the current city-wide groups
  • Help Tenants & Residents Groups access grant funding 
  • Responsible for the Tenant Participation Budget
  • Writes and updates the Tenant Participation Strategy

Our Tenant Participation Strategy 2011 will give you more information about how to get involved in the decisions which affect your community, your area and your home.

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