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Exchanging your Council home

A mutual exchange takes place when two or more tenants want to exchange houses with each other.  This can be between:

  • two or more tenants of the same landlord, for example, council tenant with council tenant; or
  • two or more tenants of different landlords, for example, council tenant with housing-association tenant.

Each mutual exchange must meet the conditions of the relevant landlord’s policy.  No exchange will be granted between a tenant and an owner-occupier, or a tenant of a private landlord.

House Exchange - The best way to find your mutual exchange

The Aberdeen City Council House Exchange website has been designed to bring tenants together who live in Aberdeen City who are looking to swap their home. You can also search for tenants who live in other parts of the UK if you are considering moving from Aberdeen City. 

If you are interested in finding another tenant to swap your home with,  please register with this site by clicking on the 'register' button which can be found on the left hand menu. It is easy to register and best of all it's free for Aberdeen City Council tenants.

Please note that you will need to be a Scottish Secure Tenant before your mutual exchange will be considered.

When you register you will need to provide:

  • Your contact details
  • Details of your current property 
  • A photo of your current property (if possible)
  • Details of the property you are looking for
  • Once you have applied to register your registration will need to be approved by
  • Aberdeen City Council and send you an e-mail including your ID number and password.

Once approved your property will appear on our database and you will be able to run searches to find someone suitable to swap with.

If you have any questions about house exchange please speak to our helpline (03000 200 292) who will be happy to help.

We hope you find this service to be of use and wish you every success in finding your new home.

General policies

For an exchange to go ahead, both existing tenancies must have been maintained properly.  This means that you and the other tenant must have:

  • met all tenancy conditions;
  • looked after your property;
  • respected the rights of other tenants; and
  • paid the rent and all other charges on time.

The new tenant must accept the property in its present condition.  You cannot move to a property smaller than you need.  

Applicants for a mutual exchange may only apply for a move to accommodation where the size of the property is suitable for the size of the family, as defined under the mutual-exchange section of the scheme for awarding council houses.

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