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Renting a home from Aberdeen City Council

Aberdeen City Council owns and manages around 22,900 properties of various sizes and types such as cottages, flats, multi-storey blocks and sheltered complexes. There are currently around 8,000 applicants on our housing lists.

In most areas of the City there is a mismatch between the demand for our properties and the number of applicants requesting the type and size of property available.

We are working hard to increase the supply of affordable housing available in the City, but there is simply not enough properties to go around.

Aberdeen City Council properties are therefore allocated to those in greatest need as a priority.

If you are interested in applying for an Aberdeen City Council property you must first complete a housing advice self assessment. Realistically, most people who apply for our properties will not be successful and those that are may have to wait a very long time. Other housing options may be available and may make it quicker for you to find a home, to move home, or to help you stay in your current home. A self assessment will provide you with a good indication on your likelihood of being allocated a property from us and will highlight other options that may be available.

For help completing a housing advice self assessment contact the Housing Advice Service on Tel: 03000 200 292.

Housing Advice Self Assessment and notes

New Initiative

During January 2016 Aberdeen City Council are going to be advertising a number of vacant properties using a Choice Based Lettings system called homehunt North East Scotland (homehunt NES). Choice Based Lettings is a system whereby vacant properties are advertised for let and applicants can submit a bid for these properties.

On a fortnightly basis, commencing 12 January 2016, properties will be advertised on the following website and also in the Press and Journal. The properties that Aberdeen City Council will be advertising through this system are two bedroom flats within the Tillydrone letting area. If you wish to bid for any of the advertised properties you need to have a housing application with Aberdeen City Council and be registered with homehunt NES.

You can register with homehunt NES on-line at . This website also contains useful information regarding the Choice Based Letting system.

When the bids are received they are ranked in order of housing priority and you will ONLY be contacted if you have successfully been allocated the property you bid for. Therefore, if you do not hear within five working days of the closing date you will not have been successful on that occasion. You should continue to bid for properties that you are eligible for and interested in when properties are next advertised.

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