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Rubislaw Registrars

                                                    Photo above: Rubislaw District Registrars.


Facilities, records we hold and how to search them

Situated in Aberdeen Registrars' Office in Marischal College, family history research can be undertaken with the help of the Registrar. Birth, Death and Marriage records for the whole of Scotland from 1855 to the present date are held on computer. Census results from 1841-1911, and Baptism and Marriages in the Old Parochial Registers covering the whole of Scotland from 1554-1854 are also held on computer. These can also be searched with help from the Registrar.

Access to the birth, death and marriage registers in Aberdeen, is available by booking a Particular or Computer Search.

  • A Particular Search requested in person at Marischal College is conducted by staff on your behalf and costs 5 per entry. If you have more than four entries to view then it is advisable to book a Computer Search.
  • A Computer Search gives the user access to the whole of Scotland's births, deaths and marriages on computer, 1855 to the present, with digital images available. This can be booked on an hourly basis costing 20 per hour.

To book an hourly session, call 01224 522616 or email

Search Room times from 1st February 2017 will be; 

  • Monday - 9.30am - 11.30am and 2.30pm - 4.30pm
  • Tuesday - 9.30am - 11.30am
  • Wednesday - 2.30pm - 4.30pm
  • Thursday - 9.30am - 11.30am
  • Friday - 9.30am - 11.30am

Bookings must be made in advance.

Searches may also be requested by post or email. We will conduct an hour search on the computer and send you the digital images and the charge for this is 20 per hour.

Extracts of entries may be ordered during a Computer Search for 10. Extracts ordered at Marischal College, by mail or telephone cost 15 per entry. Payment can be made over the phone, at Marischal College with Cheque or debit/credit card; or by post with a postal/money order or Cheque, in sterling pounds only. If you require more information about this service, please email or call 01224 522616.

Paper Registers

  • Aberdeen City Records

The records are held in registers for the years 1855 to 1984, arranged by year, with each year comprised of three to six separate volumes for the different registration districts of Aberdeen.

Records for the St Nicholas and the Old/St Machar districts, dating from 1855 to 1930, are held in the larger volumes, whilst the smaller registers hold the districts of; Rubislaw (1914-1930); Old Aberdeen (1886-1930); Woodside (1886-1930); and Nigg (1855-1931).  After 1930/1 six districts were reduced to three; Northern, Southern and Eastern Aberdeen. From 1968/72 all were amalgamated into one registration district for the City of Aberdeen.

  • Aberdeenshire and Kincardineshire Records

Birth, Death and Marriage registers for Aberdeenshire and Kincardineshire date from 1855, to around 1899 for births and to 1939 for marriages and deaths.

The cost to research the books is 20 per hour.  A maximum of 20 books can be used at one time.  The registers will require to be taken up from the basement records area and therefore, we must know at least 48 hours before your appointment which books are needed.  A list of books that are required can be emailed to or can be given by phone (01224 522616) or given in person at our office in Marischal College.

Inventories of Records

The inventories of the records for Aberdeen City, Aberdeenshire and Kincardineshire are given below:

Using the Search Room

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