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Licensing - Private Hire Car Licence

In terms of the Civic Government (Scotland) Act 1982, Aberdeen City Council requires all vehicles operating as a Taxi or a Private Hire Car to be licensed.  Drivers of these vehicles also require to hold a separate Taxi or Private Hire Car Driver's Licence.

There are two categories of vehicle currently licensed by the City of Aberdeen Council:

  • Taxis and,
  •  Private Hire Cars (PHCs).


Private Hire Cars (PHC)

There are approximately 210 private hire cars in Aberdeen. These vehicles do not carry roof signs and have a red identification plate at the rear and a smaller red identification plate at the front.

Private hire cars cannot be hailed on the street or collect passengers at taxi ranks and must be pre booked.


On 6 June 2012, the Licensing Committee set a limit on the number of Taxi licences in Aberdeen.  The limit is set at 1049.  Anyone wishing to apply for a Taxi Licence will require to register their interest in writing only using the Form of Registration of Interest and should refer to the Guidance Note - Applications for the Grant of Taxi Licences.

Taxis bears a numbered identification plate at the rear. The majority of these rear plates are yellow and are for City zoned taxis.  About 147 vehicles bear a green plate and are airport zoned taxis.  Approximately 48% of taxis are wheelchair accessible vehicles.

Taxis can be hailed on the street or at taxi ranks. They can also be pre-booked


All taxis and most private hire cars carry calibrated taximeters and the maximum fare that can be charged for a journey within Aberdeen is set out in the Taxi Fare Tariff set by the Licensing Committee.  A copy of the Tariff is available in each vehicle for the information of the travelling public.

Fares are calculated using a calibrated meter according to the City of Aberdeen approved tariff.  PHCs with a meter may charge less than the approved fare table indicates.  For taxi journeys outside of Aberdeen, or PHCs without a meter, the fare must be negotiated before the journey commences.


All taxis and private hire cars must be driven by licensed drivers.


Should you wish to lodge a complaint regarding taxis or private hire cars please contact the Litigation and Licensing Team, Legal and Democratic Services, Corporate Governance, Aberdeen City Council, Business Hub 6, Level 1 South, Marischal College, Broad Street, Aberdeen, AB10 1AB or e-mail:

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