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Personal Licences

A personal licence is issued under the Licensing (Scotland) Act 2005.

A personal licence is required by anyone who intends to be named as the premises manager  of a premises licensed under the Licensing (Scotland) Act 2005.


Any person aged 18 years or over may apply provided they possess a relevant training qualification and no personal licence previously held has been revoked within a five year period immediately prior to the date of application, unless the revocation was for failing to comply with refresher training requirements.

Once granted a personal licence will have effect for a period of 10 years unless it is surrendered or revoked by the Licensing Board.

Fee – there is a fee of 50 for a personal licence application.

Proof of Age of Applicants for a Personal Licence

From 01 July 2015, the Licensing Board will expect all applicants for a personal licence to submit proof of age with the application. Any applications submitted without such proof will be returned.

Copies of the following documents will be accepted -

(a) a passport;
(b) a European Union photocard driving licence;
(c) a Ministry of Defence Form 90 (Defence Identity Card);
(d) a photographic identity card bearing the national Proof of Age Standards Scheme hologram;
(e) a national identity card issued by a member State (other than the United Kingdom), Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein or Switzerland ; and
(f) a Biometric Immigration Document.

Personal Licence Refresher Training

Personal licence holders must undertake refresher training within five years of the licence being issued. The relevant training qualification is the Scottish Certificate for Personal Licence Holders (Refresher) at SCQF Level 6.

The Licensing Board has prepared guidance on refresher training for licence holders - Refresher Training Guidance Note




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