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Noise Control

Sound is essential in our daily lives, but noise - or unwanted sound, is not and can be a source of irritation and stress to many people.  The law allows Aberdeen City Council to investigate complaints of noise from premises and to take action where a noise nuisance is found to exist. Proceedings may be taken against noise from:

  • shops and commercial premises
  • building sites
  • industrial sites
  • pubs/clubs
  • stationary vehicles
  • car/fire and intruder alarms etc

For further advice on noise nuisance, please contact this section on the telephone number below. 

  • Telephone number: 03000 200 292

Offices are open: Monday to Friday 9am 5pm.

To lodge a complaint regarding the above categories of noise you shall be required to give your name and address as access may be required to establish if a noise nuisance exists.  Your personal information will be kept confidential unless there is a requirement to take court action to remove any nuisance.  The investigation officer shall advise you accordingly.

If you have a problem with domestic noise (e.g. music, D.I.Y., washing machines, etc) you can contact the Antisocial Behaviour Investigation Team (ASBIT) on 01224 219450.  This team operate a 7 day response service between the hours of 9am to 4am the following morning.  Grampian Police shall deal with complaints received on this hotline between 4am and 9am.

Alternatively, you can Report a concern relating to Noise Complaints through our online service.

Environmental Noise Directive

The Environmental Noise Directive requires member states to produce strategic noise maps for major roads, rail, airports and industry and develop Noise Action Plans to manage noise. The  Aberdeen Noise Action Plan describes the actions being taken to manage transportation noise in Aberdeen and protect Quiet Areas. The Aberdeen Strategic Noise Maps and related information is available on the Scottish Noise Mapping Website

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