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Aalborg Commitments

Aberdeen City Council has been a leader in sustainable development in Scotland. We published our Local Agenda 21 Action Plan in 2001 and have a range of strategies, action plans and project that address particular sustainable development issues. These include climate change, procurement, fair trade, global footprinting, construction, waste, biodiversity and community awareness.

In 2004, European Local Authorities gathered in the City of Aalborg, Denmark to agree on how to move forward on Local Agenda 21. Agenda 21 is the UN action plan for Sustainable Development for the world in the 21st century. Local authorities were identified as having a leading role at a local level to implement Agenda 21 – hence the term Local Agenda 21.

The Aalborg Commitments were created as an action tool to reinforce and re-energise the Local Agenda 21 processes. Aberdeen City Council was one of the first of 348 signatories in 2004 and will be the first in Scotland to complete a baseline review.

This will also help Aberdeen City Council to achieve its goal of being a leading Local Authority in Northern Europe. Importantly the baseline will be used as the basis for the Council’s emerging Sustainable Development Strategy and to inform the direction of work in this area.

To view the Aalborg Commitments Document please click on the link below.