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Emissions Management Programme

Aberdeen City Council's Emissions Management Programme has been on hold over the past two years as resource has been allocated at looking at not just corporate but city wide emissions.

This has led to the production of  Powering Aberdeen: Aberdeen's Sustainable Energy Action Plan and identifying a governance structure and programme lead to implement this work.

A SEAP Programme Manager has been appointed to oversee this function with the support of a Emissions Accountant; both new posts. City wide emissions will be reported upon every two years against the interim target of 31% reduction by 2020 and overall target of 50% reduction by 2030 compared to a 2005 baseline.

Following on from the provision of this additional resource, a review of corporate emissions management can now be resumed. Aberdeen City Council has a history of developing Carbon Management Plans dating back to 2008. Since then there has been significant changes in legislation and the way emissions are monitored and reported upon.

Developing revised Emissions Management Programmes and subsequent plans provides a way of accurately measuring emissions and identifying opportunities to make emissions savings. By reinstating this activity, we can work towards the overall aims of Powering Aberdeen, identifying an accurate, up to date picture of corporate emissions and from that develop a detailed plan which will allow continual improvement which would be reviewed annually.

The programme will tackle a reduction in emissions from Aberdeen City Council assets and operations and will take a specific look at themes such as business travel, waste and energy.

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