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Tree Protection Information

Trees throughout the City may be protected from pruning and/or felling.

This may be either because they have a Tree Preservation Order (TPO) placed on them; they may be located in a designated Conservation Area; or planning conditions may have been added to a planning permission to safeguard them from development.

Monkey Puzzle tree

An application for permission to carry out works on protected trees will be required before any work is carried out. To find out whether trees are protected, or to discuss how to apply for permission, please contact us.

Some large planting proposals outside of private gardens may be eligible for grants from bodies such as the Forestry Commission and we will be pleased to provide contact details.




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Guidance Notes


Together with Aberdeenshire Council, the City Council have produced a Forest and Woodlands Strategy for Aberdeenshire and Aberdeen City. The strategy aims to ensure the sustainable management of woodlands and forests of Aberdeenshire and Aberdeen City and provides a framework for woodland development and management over coming years.

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