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Supervision of individuals subject to Probation Orders accounts for a large proportion of the Criminal Justice Social Work workload.  Probation Orders range from six months to three years and have three standard conditions:

  1. To be of good behaviour;
  2. To conform to the directions of the supervising officer; and
  3. To inform of changes of residence or place of employment.

They may have additional conditions such as a requirement to perform Community Service.

Every effort is made to assist individuals to meet their responsibilities in complying with Probation and any conditions attached but, if they do not comply, this is considered to be a breach of probation and will be dealt with by the Court.

When placed on probation, individuals will be supervised by an allocated social worker and will be offered a range of interventions aimed at tackling offending behaviour and reducing risk of re-offending.  This may include one-to-one or group work programmes looking at a range of topics e.g. problem-solving, anger management, drug/alcohol problems, housing, employment etc.  Some probation interventions are delivered in collaboration with partnership agencies.

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