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Social Care and Health

Social Care and Health

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Apply for help at home

  • Find information on getting help at home, including details of how to book an assessment.

Contact the Social Work service

  • We provide information on services, assessments, advice, practical support and counselling.


Find a care home

  • Find out about care homes in the city for older people

Arrange a Care Management Assessment

  • Apply for an assessment of your abilities and needs.


Arrange a Fostering Assessment

  • Details on the application process as well as a downloadable application form.

Apply for Occupational Therapy

  • Make a referral to the Occupational Therapy service using the self assessment form.

...more Social Work information.

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Community Care

Community Care

  • Help for people of all ages who experience difficulty coping with everyday activities due to disability, illness and/or the ageing process.
Criminal Justice

Criminal Justice Social Work Services

  • Information on all aspects of Criminal Justice, including drug services, community service and throughcare services.
Children's Services

Children's Social Work

  • Information on family support, young offenders, residential child care services, fostering and adoption and hospital teams.
Health and Social Care Integration

Health and Social Care Integration

  • Find information about the integration of Health and Social Care services in Aberdeen.
Older People and Rehabilitation

Older People and Rehabilitation

  • Information for older people's services, such as occupational therapy and Telecare.
Families and Childcare

Families and Childcare

  • Information on childcare services, the Family Information Service and the Leaping Leopards creche.