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Integrated Care at Home Service

This service is now provided by Bon Accord Care. For more information, please call 01224 218300.

Care at Home services aim to enable individuals to live independently in their own homes by providing the back-up support they require. The help provided is tailored to individual needs and can include a variety of tasks, including personal care and practical help. Care at home services are available to all age groups and can accommodate many personal situations. Payment for Care at home is assessed according to the individual's income. Some people receive the service free of charge.

Whether you are enquiring on behalf of someone else or this is for yourself, please see the information below. Please note that a drop-in service is not provided.

Applying for care at home

Referrals to Care Management can be made by telephone, fax, or letter. All initial enquiries about Care Management should be made to:

  • Care Management
    Social Care and Wellbeing
    Business Hub 8
    First Floor North
    Marischal College
    Broad Street
    Aberdeen, AB10 1AB
    Telephone: 01224 264 004
    Fax:  01224 523 195

Opening Times: Monday - Friday 8.30am - 5pm

If you have an emergency and the Care Management office is closed you can contact the out of hours service on telephone: 01224 693 936

Note: Special arrangements exist for those who require a Care Management service whilst in hospital. Initial contact should be made with the appropriate NHS ward staff who will liaise with the relevant Social Work team.

For more information about Community Care services in Aberdeen City go to the Community Care web page.

How does it work?

  • When your care worker arrives at your home they call a special number from your telephone.
  • This is a freephone telephone number and there is absolutely no charge to you.
  • This telephone call records the time at which your care worker arrives.
  • Once they have delivered your care and are ready to leave, they use your telephone to dial the same freephone number.
  • This call records the time at which your care worker leaves.
  • These calls should take less than 20 seconds and are always free of charge.

How can I find out if I am eligible to receive free personal care?

You should ask for a care needs assessment from social work, after which an appropriate care package will be agreed to meet your care needs.

How do you choose social care officers for the personal care service?

All staff are subject to a Disclosure (Scotland) search before being considered for a post, to ensure that nobody with a record of abusing vulnerable people is offered a job.

How much does the personal care service cost?

Personal care is free to all people aged 65 and over. If you are under 65, we may ask you to pay towards the cost of the service. Our charging policy is based on the principle that the level of service you receive is based on your needs and not on your ability to pay. We will only charge for the service if your income is over a certain amount. Following a financial assessment, you may not have to pay anything at all.

What kind of home care services are available?

Please contact the Integrated Care at Home Service on 01224 627 818.

What sorts of adaptations to my house might I be able to get to help me live independently at home?

Some adaptations you may be entitled to include: making your home wheelchair accessible, perhaps lowering work surfaces, widening doorways or creating a ramp access; replacing your bath with a level access shower; installing handrails. If you think you are entitled to adaptations to help you live more easily at home, please speak with an Occupational Therapist and arrange for them to visit and give you an assessment of your needs.

Will I still be entitled to free personal care if I own my own home, have savings and a private pension?

If you are assessed as needing personal care, this will be provided free no matter what your income, capital assets or marital status.

Would I get a home care service when I leave hospital?

If you are assessed as needing home care services when you leave hospital, you will receive it.

What if I don't have a telephone?

The times of your visit will either be recorded by your care worker on another phone, for example their mobile, or your visit information will be accurately recorded to the minute by a system administrator.

Monitoring will not affect the way in which any other part of your service is delivered.

What if I share a home with another service user who has their care delivered during the same care visit as me?

The care worker will log both parts of the care visit using the same freephone number as usual.

What if the care I receive is delivered by two carers at the same time?

Both care workers will log in and out of the care visit using the same freephone number as usual.

All care workers should be using the electronic monitoring system by the end of August 2012 at the latest.

If you have any queries about electronic monitoring please contact your Care Manager in the first instance.

Electronic Monitoring - What does it mean for you?

Your council has a responsibility to monitor the homecare you receive from your care provider. In order to do this, Aberdeen City Council uses an electronic monitoring system called CallConfirmLive!

CallConfirmLive! monitors the arrival and departure times of your care worker. This works by ensuring your visits happen at the correct times and that your care worker stays for the correct amount of time.

Through monitoring, services can be better assessed and adapted to your needs. It is anticipated that in a short period of time you will no longer have to sign care worker's timesheets and monitoring will provide the Council with far more accurate data relating to your care than the previous paper timesheet system.

If your care worker arrives late for a visit the system has the capability to alert your provider of this. It will also let them know if your care worker does not arrive at all. These alerts will allow office based staff to find an appropriate solution as quickly as possible for example by sending another care worker.

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