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Telecare Information

What is telecare?

Telecare is a service that enables people, especially older and vulnerable people, to continue to live independently in their own homes.

Telecare is the remote monitoring of a persons health and wellbeing with the use of information and communication technology, within their own home, using a variety of unobtrusive sensors and detectors.

Who is telecare for?

Telecare can be used by all age groups, however, is predominately used to assist older people and vulnerable groups to remain within their own homes for as long as possible.

Telecare has been found to be particularly useful to:

  • People who are becoming increasingly frail and are at risk of falling.
  • People who have little support and may need the reassurances the service provides; are struggling to cope at home, and may be regularly admitted to hospital.
  • People who need support when dealing with environmental risks in the home such as fire or flood.
  • People with special needs such as learning difficulties.
  • People with cognitive difficulties such as failing memory.
  • Those who need links to other agencies.

Telecare can offer a safer environment that can prevent a user having to go into hospital, or to allow an earlier and safer discharge from hospital/care home.

Telecare can support people at home, providing an enhanced feeling of safety and security for both the user and their carer as well as providing a response in an emergency 24 hours a day.

For further information and advice on accessing telecare services please see the  Accessing Telecare Services page.

If you have a fault with any equipment installed, please report to 01224 620610. The fault will be passed on to the engineers who will attend within 48 hours.


For all telecare requests and returns (including specialised requests for Pill Dispenser, Just Checking, Buddi and CCTV) contact in the first instance:

  • Susan McIntosh
    Assistive Technology Team Leader
    Community Equipment Service
    Units 3-4 Whitemyres Avenue
    AB16 6HQ
    Telephone: 01224 788 616
  • Liz Watt
    Senior Occupational Therapist
    Telephone 01224 788 616

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