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2011 Census Information

The last census was taken on 27 March 2011.  Responsibility for administering the census lies with National Records of Scotland (NRS) and they began publishing data in March 2013.  Details of the latest census results and a prospectus for future data releases can be viewed on the Scotland's Census website:

NRS have also produced an online Census Data Explorer.  It's a simple way of getting census data for the topics and areas that you want.  Access is via the above link.

Neighbourhood Statistics: Summary of the main census results for Aberdeen's 37 Neighbourhoods.

Electoral Ward Statistics: Summary of the main census results for Aberdeen's 13 Electoral Wards.

Housing Letting Area Statistics: Summary of the main census results for Aberdeen's 63 Housing Letting Areas.

Release 2

The following documents contain information from Release 2A, B and C which were published on 26 September, 14 November and 18 December 2013.  It summarises the data for Aberdeen and shows comparable data for Scotland.  The themes covered are: Population; Ethnicity, Identity, Language, Religion; Health; Housing and Accommodation; and the Labour Market 

2011 Census: Release 2 (pdf)

2011 Census: Release 2 (excel)

Release 1

The following report summarises the first release of 2011 census data for Aberdeen City and Aberdeenshire.  It looks at the total populations of the two council areas and how these have changed since 2001.  It also examines how the age structures of the populations have changed over that period.  Information on households and household size is also presented.

2011 Census: Release 1 (pdf)

2001 Census

Previous census information can be viewed here 2001 Census Information.


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