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Dropped Kerbs/Footway Crossing

Dropped kerb

Following the approval of a driveway application, you will be contacted regarding dropped kerbs/footway crossings. You will be advised of the cost for the works. A driveway cannot be used until a standard footway crossing is constructed. Footway crossings are generally 3.0 metres or 5.0 metres wide.

For the extension of an existing crossing an application may be made directly to the contact below.

For heavy duty crossings (suitable for access to multiple dwellings/commercial property for heavy goods vehicles) please see the related links section to the right.

An application for dropped kerbs for any other reason such as to allow people with a disability to cross the road should be made to Vycki Ritson (Telephone: 01224 522704).

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  • Dropped Kerbs/Footway Crossing
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