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Carriageway Markings (H Markings)

The carriage way markings on outside access or driveways (also known as H markings) are reserved for those sites where there is a persistent problem, with frequent obstruction of an access. These road markings are designed to make motorists aware that there is dropped kerb or vehicular access point in that section of road.

The marking is only intended to mark out the width of the driveway, and as such will only be provided from a point where the kerbs start sloping down (usually 1 metre from the edge of the driveway).

H markings are advisory road markings and have no legal significance, and parking on them is not, in itself, an offence. The Police can only take action if an obstruction takes place when a vehicle is required to be taken in or out of the driveway or access.

Cost and Maintenance

Aberdeen City Council can provide the new marking, for which there is a charge of 150 plus VAT. All future maintenance costs are to be borne by the applicant, with any maintenance work being carried out by a contractor approved by the Council.

Please note that if you hold a current 'Blue Badge' there will be no cost to the applicant. However, the Blue Badge holder must reside at the dwelling to where the road marking is to be instated.

Unless a 'Blue Badge' holder please enclose a cheque made out to Aberdeen City Council for the required amount (180.00). Arrangements will be made to provide the marking as soon as other work commitments and necessary dry road conditions permit.

It should be noted that the markings when applied to granite setts have a short life, in the order of one year at most, and in these conditions maintenance costs will be higher.

How to apply?

Should you wish for one of these markings to be installed, please complete an H Marking Application Form. You can also request an application form, please contact the Road Safety and Traffic Management Team who will send out an application to you

This can either be done over the phone by dialling 03000 200 292 or by email to:

Example of an H Marking:


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