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Black Bin Collections

Your black wheelie bin is for the disposal of any household waste that cannot be reused or recycled. Please do not leave any excess waste out at the side of your bin, as we will not be able to collect it. The standard policy for black wheelie bins is one bin per household which is emptied fortnightly.Small wheeled bin for general waste

Find out when your black bin is collected

  • View or download  your Household Waste Collection Calendar.
  • Most black bins are collected every fortnight, but in areas which do not have a kerbside recycling service, black bins are collected weekly. 

How to use your black bin

  • Your black wheelie bin is for household waste that cannot be reused or recycled. Please use your Kerbside Mixed Recycling Bin and your Food and Garden Waste Recycling Service, if available, to recycle as much as possible.
  • Place your bin at the kerbside by 7am on your scheduled collection day. All waste to be collected should fit in the bin with the lid closed.
  • Please do not put any of the following in your bin: hot ashes, rubble or soil, corrosive materials or liquids including paint, stones or large solid objects. All these can be taken to Household Waste Recycling Centres for disposal. 
  • Remember to remove the bin from the kerbside as soon as is practical following collection. Please do not store your bin on the pavement.
  • If you are unable to put your bin out yourself, we may be able to offer Assisted Waste Collections.

What to do with excess waste

Please do not leave any extra black bags or large items at the side of the bin because we will not be able to collect them. If you have excess waste or a large item that will not fit in the bin, you can:

How to get an extra black bin

You can apply for an additional black wheelie bin if your household has:

  • 5 or more permanent residents.
  • 1 or more permanent residents with special circumstances which cause them to produce excess waste.
  • 2 or more children under the age of three in nappies.

If your household falls into one or more of the categories above, you can apply for an additional black wheelie bin if you genuinely need more space for your non-recyclable waste. We can only accept your application if you make full use of the Kerbside Mixed Recycling Bin and the Food and Garden Waste Recycling Service. As part of the application, one of our Recycling Officers will contact you to carry out a recycling assessment.

There is a charge of 35 (including VAT) for an additional bin. This includes delivery. A 50% discount is available if you receive Council Tax Benefit or Housing Benefit. You will need to quote your reference number on the application form.

There is no charge if you need an additional bin due to a medical condition or disability.

If you wish to apply for an additional bin, please download, fill in and return the current additional bin application form or Contact the Waste and Recycling Team.

What happens to your household waste Waste being dumped at a landfill site

The waste from your black bin is sent to landfill. In Aberdeen, we currently send around two thirds of our household waste to landfill. Sending waste to landfill is bad for the environment, wastes valuable resources, and costs the council money in landfill tax. So it's important that we all reduce, reuse and recycle as much of our waste as we can to cut down the amount that goes to landfill.

Find out more about what we are doing to reduce waste and improve recycling:

More information

Please Contact the Waste and Recycling Team to:

  • ask for a smaller black wheelie bin.
  • arrange Assisted Waste Collections.
  • report a stolen or damaged wheelie bin. If your bin is damaged and needs replaced you will need to present your bin at the kerbside so that the delivery crew can uplift it and leave you with your new one. If you do not leave your damaged bin out to be collected we will not leave a new bin.

Please note that as the householder, you are responsible for the upkeep and security of your black wheelie bin but it remains the property of the Council and should not be taken with you if you move house.

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