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Collection of Bulky Waste Items

If you have unwanted household items that are big and heavy, we can collect them from you. These include items such as beds, furniture, and electrical items.

If your item is in reusable condition, please call the National re-use phoneline on 0800 0665 820. This is a free service. They work with local charities and other groups to come and collect your unwanted items and pass them on to someone who needs them.

If your item is not in re-useable condition, you can book a collection by calling us or visiting one of our Customer Access Points. There is usually a charge for this, but you may be eligible for a free or discounted collection.

How can I arrange my collection and pay for it?

You can call the customer contact centre on 03000 200 292. Or you can visit one of our Customer Access Points:

  • Kincorth Customer Access Point can process all Environmental Service requests. They are able to take cash, cheque and card payments and can process invoices.
  • Mastrick Access Point can process all Environmental Service requests. They are able to take cash, cheque and card payments and can process invoices.
  • Marischal College Customer Service Centre do not process requests for Environmental Services or take payments for them. Instead they can provide you with free access to the Contact Centre 03000 200 292 number.
  • Woodside Access Point can process all Environmental Service requests. They are able to take cash, cheque and card payments and can process invoices

How much will a collection cost?

Our reasonably priced collection service allows us to offer a city wide service for those unable to visit the Recycling Centre themselves. The following charges apply:

Bulky / Special collection

Collection Charge

Special uplift of up to four household items.


Discounted uplift for up to four household items


American style fridge / freezers


House clearance

Starting from 180

Who is eligible for a discounted collection?

If you receive council tax and/or housing benefits, you will be eligible for the reduced rate. When you call for a collection you will be asked to provide a benefit claim reference number.

Who is eligible to have the first four items collected free?

Housing tenants are entitled to have up to four bulky items collected free of charge, which can be split over a maximum of four collections. The cost is covered by the Housing Service and is included as part of your rent. Only the tenant named on the lease can call and organise the uplift.
There are certain items not included in the free service and charges will be incurred for them. Please see the 'Are the items that will cost me more?' section below for a list. There will also be a charge for standard items after the first four collections have been used. 

What items can be collected as part of a standard collection?

Four items only are collected for the standard 25 charge. This can include most large household items:

  • Beds and mattresses
  • Furniture
  • Cookers
  • Electrical items
  • Internal doors

Any items that require to be connected to any power or water supply must be disconnected before the collection can be done. Any item that requires liquid fuel to power it must have fuel removed prior to collection. If unsure, please call 03000 200 292.

Are there items that will cost me more?

Any items not included in the household pick up will be charged for separately. This list is not exhaustive but can include items such as:

  • Piano
  • Kitchen units
  • Bathroom suite (toilet, bath, sink)
  • All carpets
  • Sheds and greenhouses (must be dismantled)
  • Industrial BBQ/grills
  • Sun bed without tubes – tubes must be taken to the Recycling Centres at East Tullos or Grove Nursery
  • Built in cupboards
  • Window frames (without the glass)
  • Fencing
  • Garden toys (e.g. slides, sandpits)                     

For all the above items and for large items that are over 6ft x 6ft in size – please call the customer contact centre on 03000 200 292 for advice and pricing.  Large items should be dismantled where possible.

Please Note: Collection crews will be constrained by health and safety guidance, which limits the ability to collect any items above safe lifting weight from within properties.

What items can not be collected?

Restrictions due to health and safety legislation means we are unable to collect any of the following items:

  • Asbestos
  • Builder’s rubble and materials
  • Car engines
  • Central heating boiler
  • Glass and shards of glass
  • Chemicals
  • Liquids of any type, eg paints, varnishes, oils (fuels required to power any items  must be removed before collection)
  • Motorcycles
  • Tyres
  • Tree stumps
  • Gas cylinders

What happens to the items once they have been collected?

Furniture, bags of rubbish etc are collected in a standard refuse collection vehicle, which crushes and compacts them. The waste is then disposed of at landfill.

White goods are collected separately in a box van and taken to a local scrap dealer, who reuses and recycles as much of the item as possible.

Fridges and freezers are again collected in a box van. The gasses within the unit (CFCs & HCFCs) are removed before the other reusable/recyclable components of the unit are removed.

Do I have to pay for the collection in advance?

Yes. We will only schedule the collection once we have received payment.

What are my alternatives if I don’t want to pay?

If your items are in good condition you can donate them for reuse. Call the National re-use phone line on 0800 0665 820. They can help to arrange free collections for a wide range of bulky products such as furniture and white goods. They work with local groups to come and collect your unwanted items and pass them on to someone who needs them. All items must be clean and in good working order. Soft furnishings such as sofas and chairs must have fire safety tags attached. Bathroom suites, toilets and bulky televisions cannot be collected.

You can also drop off unwanted furniture, as well as bikes and sports equipment, at the   Reuse container at Grove Recycling Centre in Hazlehead.

If your items cannot be reused, you can take them to one of the five Recycling Centres in Aberdeen.  

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